Generative AI (Gen-AI) is rapidly changing the landscape of User-Generated Content (UGC) on social media. AI tools for generating text, images, and videos, such as Large-Language Models (LLM), image generation AI, AI-powered video material tools, and deep fake technologies, are accelerating creators in obtaining content ideas, drafting outlines, and streamlining creative workflows. The capabilities of Gen-AI could introduce new opportunities to lower the bar and accelerate the pace of content creation for grassroots creators, thereby expanding the volume of AI-generated UGC on social media. However, we lack the necessary understanding of how the wide deployment of such technologies will impact the social media ecosystem. The introduction of Gen-AI can lead to both opportunities and potential challenges among different creator communities, requiring collaboration from both academia and industry. This workshop seeks to bring together experts working on relevant topics of Gen-AI and UGC, to roadmap research on important issues boldly and responsibly.

How to Attend

The workshop will be conducted in a hybrid mode. The event will be held in-person at CHI '24 and will also be available on Zoom or a similar platform. To participate, you are invited to submit an abstract or a two-page position paper detailing your research background, your interest in Generative AI and content creation, and/or your prospective related work. We are keen to understand how your research intersects with Gen-AI content, creators, consumers, communities, and platforms. With your consent, your submitted abstract will be published on the workshop website and ArXiv. During the workshop, we will brainstorm the impact of generative AI on content creation, as well as the potential opportunities and challenges it might introduce. Subsequently, attendees will collaborate to draft design guidelines for employing Gen-AI on social media. At least one author of each accepted submission must be present at the workshop physically or virtually. All attendees must register for the workshop and for at least one day of the conference.

🗓️ Deadline: March 11, Workshop: May 12

📧 Contact: genaiugc24chi@googlegroups.com


We will invite both industry and academic practitioners to a panel to discuss how Gen-AI impacts UGC.

Dingzeyu Li

Senior Research Scientist

Adobe Research

Joon Sung Park

PhD Student


Renee Shelby



Amy Zhang

Assistant Professor

University of Washington

Key Questions


  • What types of user-generated content can make use of generative AI and how?
  • How can methods be used to study AI-generated content? How can HCI methods such as user studies, content analysis, auditing, etc., be applied in studying Gen-AI content?
  • How can generative AI be misused, especially regarding critical issues such as misinformation, plagiarism, online radicalization, and others?


  • How will AI-generated content impact content creators?
  • How does AI-generated content influence creative process?
  • How does content creators collaborate with Gen-AI?
  • How will AI-generated content affect the ability of traditional creators to monetize effectively?


  • How does the increasing amount of AI-generated content impact consumers?
  • What values can AI-generated content bring to social media users?
  • How does AI influence people’s trust in the content credibility?


  • How can generative AI impact disadvantaged communities?
  • Does GenAI lead to new inequities for disadvantaged groups?
  • How can the risks to disadvantaged communities be mitigated?


  • How may Gen-AI impact the social media ecosystem when applied to user-generated content?
  • How should the platform index and curate AI-generated content?
  • Given the risks that generative AI may present, how does this impact moderation needs?